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Website proofreading services
Fast turnaround times and secure and confidential website proofreading services

Looking for a high-quality proofreading service that's affordable and great value for money?

You've found it!

What you'll receive...

Affordable Proofreading Service for Businesses & Organisations

Work with Website Proofreader to achieve consistent and accurate text

You'll receive a high-quality, competitively priced proofreading service that's flexible to meet your needs. Our prices? Well, they're really simple:

  • £10 to commission and authorise our service
  • £1 per web page
  • for grammatical, spelling, punctuation or spacing errors found:
    • → 1-25 errors £5
    • → 26-50 errors £10
    • → 51-75 errors £15
    • → 76-100 errors £20
That's it - there's nothing more to pay!

We'll also complete the proofreading of your website within the agreed time

Here's an example...

Low fee and high accuracy for a website that's free from text errors!

A 10 page website that's been thoroughly checked and found to contain a total of 15 grammatical, spelling, punctuation or spacing errors would be:

  • £10 to commission and authorise our service
  • £10 to proofread all 10 web pages
  • £5 for the 15 errors found
Total: only £25 for the website to be free from text errors

What's next?

Step 1: You agree...

By commissioning and authorising our service you agree to pay Website Proofreader:

  • > the authorisation fee
  • > the fee per page to proofread your Company's website
  • > the fee for errors found

The authorisation fee and the charge per page are payable even if no errors are found. It is exceptionally rare that a website has no errors!

Step 2: Send us your payment

Please contact us for our bank account details if you wish to pay by BACS or online banking.

Step 3: That's it!

Want fast, accurate and affordable website proofreading or got an enquiry? Contact Website Proofreader today